Most people will know the name ‘Cawdor’ only in association with Shakespeare’s tragedy, Macbeth. In fact, there was once a real Macbeth, King of Alba (as Scotland was known in the 11th century), albeit not located himself at Cawdor, and before that, ‘Thane of Cawdor’. For over 700 years the descendants of this Macbeth have been the stewards of Cawdor Estate and its ancient castle.

Once a feudal fiefdom, today Cawdor Estate is a multifarious enterprise engaged in diverse activities. While farming remains our lifeblood, we also manage 3,887 hectares of woodland, offer a range of country sports and have refurbished several of our estate houses to create stylish holiday lets. More recently we have developed renewable energy projects, including a hydropower scheme, and we’re home to a wind farm, helping to tackle climate change and meet the local community’s energy needs.

Cawdor Castle
The Castle, is managed separately from the the Estate, but more information can be found here:

Holiday Cottages
The holiday cottages are managed from the Estate Office and more information about them and bookings enquiries can be found at:

Cawdor Forestry
The in-hand woodland which forms an integral part of the estate, is professionally managed by Cawdor Forestry Ltd, a subsidiary company that provides management expertise to a number of private clients as well as Cawdor Estate. Follow the link below: